06-04-17 12:44 PM
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  1. rahz's Avatar
    Agreed. Great review. One question I have is why almost every review mentions water proofing. Are there any mainstream phones out there that are?
    I think every Galaxy phone after the S5 has some sort of water resistance certification. currently have a Galaxy S7 and it has an IP68 dust/water proof certification. A couple of the Xperia phones have also had a water resistance certification. I'm sure there are some other phones that also have water proofing too.
    06-03-17 10:54 PM
  2. danfrancisco's Avatar
    Here's something else that I really appreciated from Floss' review. He didn't complain about the power key being placed on the left side. Why do so many reviewers insist on saying that the right side of the phone is the official location of the power button? Did I miss the memo?

    Is it a right handed thing? I'm a righty but use my phone primarily with my left hand (I also golf right, shoot left in hockey, throw right and bat right)! Have we become so nonresistant to change or physically incapable of allowing ourselves to develop new muscle memory?

    If it were up to me, the power button would be on the top! Alas, the last BB that I've owned with a top power button was my Passport SE. But guess what? I adapted to the left side power button when I got the Priv... and it didn't even take that long!

    So to all you Tech reviewers out there, take a page from our Boi Floss and please don't go telling us that the power button is supposed to go on the right side. What's next, watches are only supposed to be worn on the left wrist? I wear mine on my right!

    Man, I'm going to eat some major crow if Floss slams the power button location in his upcoming real world review of the KEYone!

    Shout out to the white shoes!
    06-03-17 11:29 PM
  3. mithrazor's Avatar
    Seriously, I agree with the power button comment.

    The Priv's power button is in the same location and I never heard a complaint about that. Nor have I even consciously thought anything of its placement on my Priv.

    All of a sudden with the KEYone it's listed under cons.

    Anyway, this guy is pretty funny lol would watch his review.
    06-04-17 04:28 AM
  4. bluesqueen23's Avatar
    Definitely, not for everyone... Approach with caution.

    "Ladies hit me on BBM"
    I loved his video and I'm a lady so I thought it was cute when he said hit me on BBM.
    06-04-17 12:44 PM
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