1. italia2014's Avatar
    I'm getting errors on my BB KeyONE when using Google Play Store. "Error retrieving information from server". Anybody see this before? It's been happening at least for a few days. See screenshot.
    Attached Thumbnails Google Play Store errors-78878.jpg  
    06-21-18 08:28 PM
  2. MB64's Avatar
    I have a motion and no issues
    06-21-18 08:33 PM
  3. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    No issues here. In the past, I've force closed the Play Store and rebooted to get rid of the errors I saw.
    06-21-18 08:34 PM
  4. anon(2695703)'s Avatar

    ^ fix how-to video
    FF22 likes this.
    06-21-18 11:15 PM
  5. italia2014's Avatar

    ^ fix how-to video
    Thank you!! Method 3 worked for me.
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    06-22-18 10:40 AM

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