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11-07-19 09:07 AM
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  1. michalko58's Avatar
    So, phone is back from service center...

    They managed to change almost everything except battery. According to service protocol: motherboard, keyboard, earphone, covers, vibration motor.
    I have new IMEI now, on the back cover is date 29.12.2018, so newer than mine from april 2018.

    *#2886# test doesn´t work even when fingerprint is ok...

    Keyboard is QWERTZ as it was before, but when writing on it, it is QWERTY. I cant remember how it was before, but I like QWERTZ more and I am unable to change it back... Any ideas? They flashed the phone with latest firmware (ABT975 - the same version as before), but now it starts in czech language, before it was in german. Maybe here is the problem with qwerty/qwertz?

    Edit: they changed PRD from PRD-63117-036 to PRD-63117-039 :-/
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    11-07-19 09:07 AM
26 12

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