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    I upgraded from BB OS 10 to a KeyOne last year, and I used the Blackberry Content Transfer app to migrate all of my data across. It brought all of my music as well as the playlists (which I believe were in .m3u format) and everything including my playlists worked well in Google Play Music.

    I recently upgraded to a 32GB microSD card and then copied all of my music over from the internal storage to the memory card. I had one main playlist that I would use regularly, and when I copied the content over, it seems that the playlist had file paths to where the music files were previously stored on the device and now is showing as zero items in the playlist. I've tried an app that claims to be able to backup/export playlists, but all I get is a blank text file.

    I've read on a few Android forums that playlists are stored in /Android/data/com.android.providers.media, but I think the playlist database must be invisible without the device being rooted, which I'm not prepared to do. All I see in that directory is a large folder of thumbnails.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I might be able to extract the m3u file so I can rebuild the playlist manually, or even to just redirect it to look in the music folder in the SD card rather than the device storage? The only option I can think of would be to copy the music BACK to the internal storage directory and reboot the device to allow it to scan for media and hopefully restore the old playlist... And maybe from there be able to export it to .m3u where I could then maybe edit the file paths manually.

    For reference - The app I tried was Playlist Backup by Droid Parallel.

    Thank you!!!
    03-12-18 10:46 AM
  2. herbersh's Avatar
    I had a similar issue after moving from my Passport to the KEYone, as my Playlist were always being messed up. I tried a few mp3 players and Playlist managers, but it made things worse as time went by.

    I finally removed Google Play Music and switched to MediaMonkey (it uses m3u) and problems solved.
    03-12-18 02:10 PM
  3. azum4u's Avatar
    Please I am having similar issue. In my case BlackBerry Content Transfer didn't move anything. Had to manually move my contacts using NFS. As regards my music I synced my Windows Media Player to my Keyone. Seems to have worked by my playlists is showing up with .pla extensions. Can't play them. Don't know what to do. Any ideas will b helpful.

    Posted via CB10
    03-12-18 03:31 PM
  4. sandyhois's Avatar
    Reorganized my music recently and redid my m3u playlists. After some testing, I ended up changing the setting in Google play to external storage and then created a separate folder for my music and my playlists on my sd card. The key is the path you list in your m3u file because as far as I could tell the player collects all music in the "music" collection. What worked for me was a relative file path in the format ../Music/ music filename and extension. Google play did not seem to care what the actual music folder name was.
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    03-13-18 07:18 AM
  5. BigYellow's Avatar
    This is interesting... ALthough I'm not sure if I follow you exactly. Honestly if I could even just recover the text contents of that m3u file I'd be happy, the problem is that when I used the BB Content Transfer to move everything onto the KeyOne's internal storage, it hid the m3u file somewhere, and so when I manually moved my music files over to the SD card I think it was left behind. The m3u file's contents (file paths for each item) I'm sure is the issue, as it's looking in the internal storage /Music folder as opposed to the SD card's /Music folder.
    04-08-18 03:15 PM
  6. sandyhois's Avatar
    Google play only let's you specify internal or external storage in settings so if its set to external and it sees all your music files but not your playlists I would search my internal storage (settings/storage/internal/explore) for m3u files and then move it to the external drive. If GP still doesn't see the playlist you can hook your phone to your pc and play around with the file paths of the music files.
    04-09-18 05:02 AM
  7. BigYellow's Avatar
    I've gone into Explore as described, and through the Apps screen into Files, and searched both internal and SD storage for m3u files, with zero results. Everything I've read indicates that playlists should be stored (either in internal or SD) in the following directory: /Android/data/com.android.providers.media - which only has a thumbnails folder for me to see.

    New development - I found the option in the Google Play Music settings to switch between Internal and External storage, which at first glance appears to refer only to where I want items stored when I pay and download them from Google Play Music (all files in question in my case are mp3 files i have transferred to the device, not purchased from Google). I switched from Internal to External the other day, and suddenly now my newly created playlist (created manually this week) is empty! I had probably 30-50 songs added to it when I first created it. I switched back to Internal, force-quit the app, and even rebooted my device but this new playlist is still showing as empty.

    Throughout this process the only other thing I can think is that maybe there's an SD issue? I don't recall the name of the device when I first initialized it and set it up, but now I have a very odd name showing, something like this - "My1M-cM-|MM-SM-3M-3M-^?M-z"

    I'm getting really frustrated. I quite like the app's interface and functionality, but randomly blanking my playlist contents is a total deal-breaker for me.
    04-12-18 11:37 PM
  8. 311BBerry's Avatar
    I feel your pain for completely different reasons.

    After ripping nearly 100 of my CDs I've found out the hard way that Android apps do not like the WMA files I now have.

    Google Play Music is worthless to me so I get by with VLC and an App I found simply called Music Player. These two play my WMA files off my SD card pretty OK.
    04-13-18 12:00 AM
  9. sandyhois's Avatar
    All my .mp3 and m3u files are stored on SD and my GP is set to "external". When I go to "internal" storage under the Audio group I find my music files in what appears to be a virtual music library or collection which is what I think GP looks to for music file locations. I don't know what happened to your playlist during content transfer but if you have your old phone you can probably hook it up to your pc to find your playlists.
    04-13-18 04:21 AM
  10. BigYellow's Avatar
    Something odd must be up with the Google Play Music database. I finally realized much of my music was missing from my library and yet the mp3 files were still there when I looked through the folders!
    I reformatted the SD card, put the mp3's back, deleted all settings data/cache data from the app, and now all of my music seems to be showing up properly. I'll build a new playlist and see how long it lasts!
    04-13-18 01:49 PM

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