1. Rubydiesel's Avatar
    I have a keyone and Priv. Both have Telus SIM cards both unlocked. Both can send and receive texts inside NA.
    Can make calls to anywhere in world and can receive calls from anywhere.
    Both can receive texts from outside NA.
    Neither can SEND texts to outside NA.
    Error message is can't send message with SIM error code 38.
    However when SIM card is installed in either of Samsung or ZTE Android phones all is good, can send and receive texts anywhere in world.
    there must be a setting in the Keyone that needs correcting, any help appreciated
    kind regards,
    11-18-18 02:49 PM
  2. Rubydiesel's Avatar
    OK got in touch with Support and removed and reinstalled the message APP, secondly reset the APN page, now all is good. Regards, Rob
    11-19-18 05:36 PM

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