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    In the past, emoji prediction has been working quite well for me and it seemed as if the phone adapted adequately to my writing/emoji patterns/behaviour.

    However, since the last keyboard update, it's been all wonky, meaning

    A) it doesn't predict basic emojis anymore (ie when I type "lol" or "laugh" or any of the versions, it will no longer predict a laughing emoji, if I type "think/thinking" it will not suggest the appropriate emoji as a possibility)

    B) it doesn't seem to learn from my behaviour anymore. (For example, in the past, since I use the black heart a lot, it started suggesting that emoji every time I started typing "black" ) now, no matter how often I type/use a word and then manually have to go digging for an emoji, it won't learn.

    I have checked multiple times that emoji prediction is enabled in the keyboard settings. I also unchecked and rechecked it several times.

    What can I do to change this? Can I manually add predictions to the dictionary, so it will suggest the emojis I frequently need?

    It's really been a hassle to manually have to look for basic emojis.
    06-28-19 09:22 PM

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