1. Tos Abrashi's Avatar
    Is there way to put hub emails and apps to go to SD card!
    I really would like to free my internal storage space.
    Please if anyone knows the workaround.
    Thanks a lot.
    11-30-18 05:11 AM
  2. markus2107's Avatar
    There is no way to do such a thing. You could just move you mail to another folder you don't sync. But Mails are quite small, so I guess there is no point in doing so.

    Just be sure, you have all your pictures, videos and music on the sdcard.
    11-30-18 07:22 AM
  3. Tos Abrashi's Avatar
    thanks Marcus. however I find it very labour intense movement of media. but I guess I will have to work on my muscle memories. anyway, thanks for the feedback.
    12-01-18 02:49 AM
  4. markus2107's Avatar
    Also have a look at the device monitor to check if there are other data files hogging up lots of memory. Are you sure it's you email that uses a lot of the capacity?
    12-01-18 03:04 AM

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