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    I noticed that on my keyone if I have bluetooth headphones paired and I double tap a lock screen notification it unlocks the phone without looking for a fingerprint or passcode. Anyone else confirm this happens for them? Seems like a very easy way to access a phone
    03-27-18 12:00 PM
  2. falbo's Avatar
    You probably have the smart lock active in security settings!

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    03-27-18 12:03 PM
  3. psychofox13's Avatar
    As falbo said, it's most likely your Smart Lock setting. It'll keep your device in an "unlocked" state as long as it's connected to an authorized bluetooth device, such as your possible headset. I have this set in my car when it connects to my bluetooth radio. You can also set it when you're connected to specific WiFi networks, such as your home or office, so you won't have to input your pin or touch the fingerprint sensor every time you use your phone.
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    03-27-18 02:03 PM

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