1. mrsimon's Avatar
    I was ckecking out the iphone 8s on sale in media markt Barcelona today. And there is a version with 64gb and 3gb ram. and the 7 has a 32gb and 3gb combo. And no sd card storage option.
    Makes the silver seem sufficient. I'm using a Samsung J7 with 16GB and 2gb ram and I don't find problems even with over 20 apps open (not FB). My main probs is I've filled the 16Gb. So 32GB would be amazing. Plus I have a card.
    As I see it, many users here and on specialist forums are very demanding, and tend to highlighlight what the average joe user wouldn't even know existed. I've really only noticed which Andoid OS system I'm using and specs since joining here just before the summer. And I never needed to know either!!!!
    To sum up, for the non geek audience, the silver is going to be fine, even for business. Good there's 4gb ram too, but I don't think I'd notice. Which is only "embarrassing" here, not in my non geek/nerd circles.
    09-26-17 05:16 PM
  2. Al moon's Avatar
    I personally think the phone runs fine and it has absolutely great battery life. The problem is the customer service some of us have had to deal with which is kinda taking away from what a great phone this is.
    09-26-17 05:40 PM

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