1. murtaza lehry's Avatar
    I am thinking about upgrading to the keyone black .

    Would be really glad if anyone could tell me if the below has been solved on the keyone

    Word substitution expanding into large paragraphs .

    Currently on the priv , word substitutions that expand into large and multiple paragraphs get jumbled when used in the hubs email only ( works fine on other apps )

    Standard reply formats for corporate reply Patterns
    ( a sample as under )

    Ref : //
    Dated : Sunday 08 October 2017

    Respected Sir ,
    Ref : Your enquiry

    We thank you for your enquiry and we are pleased to offer as under ,

    In case of any queries or technical clarifications please feel to contact undersigned.

    Regards ,
    Distributors of :

    Would appreciate if anyone has been using large word expansions on the keyone .

    Murtaza Yusuf Lehry
    10-08-17 12:01 PM

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