1. destiny.seeker's Avatar

    I really want to (and needs to) place my hands on the black 4gb ram KEYᵒⁿᵉ as soon as possible.

    The 4th KEYᵒⁿᵉ that I got after getting 3 replacements due to screen lifting finally was the perfect device without any hardware flaws . (Previous keyones all had some other issues here and there as well)

    However, I dopped my 4th KEYᵒⁿᵉ into the water few days ago and now its mic and speaker aren't working after drying it out as much as possible.

    Does anyone have experience of ordering phone through unlockmobile or carphonewarehouse to make them deliver to the US?

    I have ordered samsung phones in the past through clove(uk sites), but not with these two vendors with taking preorders of new KEYᵒⁿᵉs. And do keyones from these vendors work with us tmobile without problems?

    Or should I be using my PRIV or passport while patiently waiting for the us release.
    09-12-17 07:10 PM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Have you tried calling/Email them?
    09-12-17 07:15 PM

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