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    Been using my KEYone for a little bit now, the android experience has been mostly good, but will definitely take me a bit to get used to.

    I don't have any major complaints, so far just little quirks here and there. One issue I've been hitting, and maybe I'm just missing it somewhere, but I used to use my enter key to send on all my previous BlackBerrys, but the KEYone is hit or miss. Some apps its already setup to send, others it just drops down a line. Is there any way to make this standard across the board? Again maybe I'm just missing this, but this is annoying because I'm used to this, but its also a lack of continuity across the board.

    Another issue I've been seeing is that some settings reset back to default somehow, like they don't stay set. I'm not sure whats happening with that, but thats kinda annoying.

    My biggest complaint so far, and this isn't with the KEYone as it is with android in general: notifications. The volume rocker is awful at controlling, you don't know if you're controlling media volume, notifications, or alarm volume. Why do I need to control alarm volume from there?? I can set that up on an individual alarm. Also I so miss the notification profiles settings from bbos and bb10. My volume rocker should only control media volume, but again this isn't really a complaint with the KEYone, this is just a flaw and shortcoming with android.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to change these or possible workarounds?
    06-25-17 03:31 PM

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