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    This is my 6th keyone in 3-4 months and this one is having software problems:

    * typing normal emails and texts (i only use the pkb) and cursor pops up and all over the place and inserts the next characters in the middle of text seemingly randomly wherever it decides. (Many times typing the above.) Seems very random. I don't remember this happening w my other keyones.

    * flickering in screen space above keyboard. Newry strange.

    * times out frequently w many Apps performing normal functions on Wifi. Sometimes picks back up if I push "wait" and sometimes have to open and close. Of all my keyones, this has the fewest Apps (maybe 15-20 or so), as I'm not investing the same set up time until I determine this hardware is solid, and my contacts are now down to 7000 due to porting explosions to 23,000 going from original Bby to OS 10 to Android by buying and reapplying a duplicate contact remover app and spending hours and hours. Of this, 2-3000 are real/original maybe 5k, but I'm getting there! Still, this time out problem together w the above typing problem makes me think the memory hardware is flawed and this will be another exchange, but I hope there's a simpler solution.

    This has been exhausting.
    10-15-17 01:23 AM

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