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    I contacted carriers and manufacturers about the pkb here in the UK with the following results.
    Carrier visits - I asked them all "I've a blackberry classic and wondered whether you know whether there is an android pkb phone out soon?". I pretty much knew what they would say but still it was still quite interesting to hear what they said/their reaction.
    Vodafone - The look I was given was 'phone with a pkb are you mad'. The actual answer was "no sorry" turning to colleague for support saying "I don't think blackberry exist any more do they".
    O2 - the answer was "hmm I'll just ask my colleague" - the assistant asks her colleague who almost breaks into a laugh and says 'no sorry'.
    EE - I got the store manager here so my expectations were raised I have to admit. He came up with the best answer yet (it wasn't hard), "No, none that I'm aware of, there is the Priv but that is in the iPhone price bracket, we don't stock the Priv unfortunately, is a pkb something really essential as touch screen keyboards perform a lot better now esp on the larger screen phones."
    Virgin - "no sorry although Blackberry do have a phone the Z or something, we don't stock it but you'll be able to buy it on amazon". The assistant uses his smartphone to go to amazon and then identifies the Priv.
    Carphone warehouse - "no sorry".
    So, limited recognition of the Priv and no recognition that if I liked blackberry they have an android offer available in the form of the DTEK50 and a newer phone (even if they didn't know the name). Plus if people are asking about pkb they are being directed back to the glass slab. One assistant even thinking that BB had gone out of business.
    Phone manufacturers - uk customer support were asked "Do you have any plans for an android phone with pkb in the near future?"
    Samsung: Samsung does not reveal information concerning unreleased products unfortunately and instead recommend that you continue to monitor our website.
    Sony: We do not have any current confirmed plans for a Android/Sony device with a Physical keyboard at this time but thank you for your feedback regarding this.
    HTC: Glad to hear from you. We are happy to hear inquiries about possible designs for smartphones since all the ones out in the market are those with full on touch screens. If i could remember, the last smartphone released with a touch keypad is the HTC ChaCha. Unfortunately, as of the moment we have not heard any of such in development. Rest assured we will take this into consideration and will submit it to our Dev team.
    LG: I'm sorry to say, our customer service team aren't aware of any plans for such a product to be brought out in the UK. I do apologise for this.
    Again quite interesting - some potential - maybe post BB's last 'in-house' phone.
    Apologies for the length of this post...
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    I'm a lover of the pkb .. do you think consumer movement against the glass slab is a waste of time?
    I did some editing of your post for brevity. The concern for wasting time is kind of ironic.
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    OP's narrative should be read by every BlackBerry sales person.
    11-10-16 09:42 PM
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    OP's narrative should be read by every BlackBerry sales person.
    It's after 6:00, he's gone home.
    11-10-16 09:44 PM

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