1. DOCTOREVIL8's Avatar
    Last time I tried updating Nougat to Oreo, I got a dreaded error screen at the end. It appeared to work after reboot, but wifi kept on connecting, disconnecting every few seconds and just odd overall behaviour.

    I jumped back to Nougat with an autoloader. I seem to recall if using an autoloader, OTA updates will have issues moving forward.

    Is there a recommended method to perform a proper install? Mainly with the focus on OTA updates working again?
    02-09-19 02:43 PM
  2. DOCTOREVIL8's Avatar
    Think I found it. Hard to search the forums sometimes. Google works better.

    Sugar. Gonna give it a shot.

    02-09-19 02:54 PM
  3. DOCTOREVIL8's Avatar
    02-09-19 02:56 PM
  4. conite's Avatar
    Use the Mobile Upgrade Tool.
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    02-09-19 03:04 PM
  5. RLeeSimon's Avatar
    or pop the screen and use advanced replacement, comes with oreo
    02-09-19 03:19 PM
  6. DOCTOREVIL8's Avatar
    Use the Mobile Upgrade Tool.
    Done and done.

    Let's see how Oreo performs this time for me. Wasn't super happy last time. Maybe the OTA wasn't as smooth as it should be.
    02-09-19 04:14 PM

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