1. rdobosz's Avatar
    I have been having constant issues with my Keyone with the audio crackling when on calls. It occurs on both my end and the whomever I'm speaking with. It sounds like like every 5ms audio goes through then cuts out for 5ms. The audio is incredibly choppy and impossible to make calls and understand one another. At first I thought it was a carrier issue, but I was traveling from Canada to Iceland and I noticed the same error over there.

    I'm on the Rogers network in the Toronto GTA region so cell coverage is strong. It happens even if I have full service. I have tried hanging up and calling back and that doesn't seem to help. Has anyone else experienced this?
    09-02-17 04:06 PM
  2. John Vieira's Avatar
    The keyone has terrible reception. Its a design flaw.

    It COULD be improved via software update, although it hasn't been so far, but that will only improve it slightly. There is no real fix.
    09-02-17 04:22 PM
  3. rdobosz's Avatar
    I have been working with tier 2 Rogers tech support since I posted this. It appears this specific issue is not a reception issue. After performing a lot of troubleshooting on my own and with Rogers I can with high probability say this is software related issue.

    Basically in weak coverage areas the audio tends to break up with a stuttering effect on both ends of the call. Even though a weak signal the network diagnostics do not show dropping packets.

    Even in areas with 3-4 bars of signal, this occurs. Especially when driving. The network does not drop down below 3 bars, network logs show no errors.

    I have taken my SIM and placed it in my Q10 and the call issues go away. They have replaced my phone with a newer KeyOne that has a recent build date and the issue persists.

    The issue has now been brought up with the software team.
    10-26-17 09:49 AM

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