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    Ding Dong, the PRIV is DEAD!

    My KEYone arrived from the good folks at Amazon yesterday, content transfer was seamless and now here are a few random thoughts:


    The (or at least my units) screen is much brighter than expected based on the prior reviews. I am rocking this on 1/3 brightness and it is very bright to me, even on a bright sunny summer day outside. A pleasant surprise.

    The initial battery run today is fantastic. Took the phone off the charger at 6:00am and use it as my work phone. Heavy emailing, calling (no land line at work) and still sitting 11 hours later at 75% battery remaining and an estimate of 36 total hours before drained. Excellent!

    The phone looks better (and somehow smaller) in person than in all the vids/pics. Being slightly narrower than the PRIV, it is more 'pocketable' than the PRIV.

    Sound quality is good, esp. after getting advanced calling to work on the CDMA model (thank you Crackberry forums - the suggested code works!).

    To me, this is the best BlackBerry keyboard ever. Just the right amount of travel for me and tactile feedback. I like that the keys are smaller than the Classic and 9930 boards. A big step up from my mushy PRIV keypad.


    Compared the PRIV with its grippy coating surrounding the whole phone, I find the KEYone to be a slippery sucker, particularly the sides. May be the first Blackberry I've owned (Pearl, Storm, Tour, 9930, Classic, Priv) that requires a case as I have already almost dropped it a few times.

    The tray for the storage card and SIM is fragile to the point of holding my breath and praying it wouldn't snap or fall apart when trying to gingerly insert it into the phone. Fit is nice and flush against the side of the device but praying I do not need to get back into there.

    The phone is dense and heavier than I thought. Mr. Mobile is spot on about potential arm fatigue on longer calls - Priv somehow felt lighter than this tank. Worth it for the 3505MAH battery though.

    All in all, almost relieved that my unit seems free of bugs or defects to this point. Hoping for a smooth, extended experience.

    Good luck to all who are getting a KEYone. Hope your experience is a good one too. Would I buy this again -- quick review/quick answer - Yes. Happy with the KEYone as my new daily driver.
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    06-15-17 06:32 PM
  2. Rico4you's Avatar
    Nice summary! enjoy the beast of KEYone! Good luck
    06-16-17 10:51 AM
  3. zephyr613's Avatar
    Agreed, nice summary. Thanks.
    06-16-17 11:51 AM

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