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    I've researched this and am stumped. Hoping one of you can help. I installed a Kenwood car stereo a couple months ago and everything worked great with my Keyone - phone, music, and contacts. I could voice dial without any problems.

    Then very recently, and I think this coincides with a recent BB update, trying to voice dial now tries to access either Google or Alexa on my phone. PBAP is not working. I can see my contacts on the car stereo and I can make calls over the car stereo speaker phone if I dial or access contacts on both the phone and the stereo. But voice commands try to access one of the two apps. This is new.

    I've tried different app permissions for Google and Alexa and no luck. All else is good and like I said, this just started. Any suggestions? Thanks a ton.
    12-02-19 06:07 PM
  2. stevewada's Avatar
    Correction to above PBAP must be working since I can see the contacts on the radio. I have latest firmware in the Kenwood, and I like I said it was all good a month ago.

    I've also deleted the devices in Bluetooth set up and repaired. No joy
    12-02-19 07:31 PM

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