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    Autoconnecting to my car's BT has never worked for me, have to enter my car's BT pairing PIN code into the phone each time I get in my car even though I had successfully paired the phone with the car's BT before and the phone is stored in the car's system as well as the car's BT system is being stored in the phone. But each time I turn the ignition on a dialog prompt/notification pops up on my phone asking if I wanted to connect via BT to my car. It's not like having to pair it completely from scratch, I 'just' have to enter the PIN code and it gets connected in counted milliseconds but still.... Never had this issue with my Classic. Extremely frustrating. Last beacon of hope for me is to set my car's BT as a trusted device from within the phone's smart lock settings but I doubt this will have any impact as this feature deals with the phone's lock settings while connected to a trusted device over BT (the car in this case). But you never know, right...just got the idea today, gonna try it out first thing in the morning...
    03-23-18 08:18 PM

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