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    Alright, so i picked up a Keyone (Sprint) to replace my trusty Q10. Transferring info from my Q10 to keyone is proving more difficult in that I don't have access to the blackberry link any longer.

    I did an initial data transfer using "blackberry content transfer" in which it did a data dump to google. It seems to be transferring some info and some contact associated from different areas but it is only transferring contacts from my "local contacts" and my contacts are associated with my "PC". I think this may have something to do with setting up the BB link initially and you had to determine whether your phone of PC were master.

    Going forward, is there a way to continue syncing my phone to my PC / Outlook in that BB Link is not applicable for Android??????

    1) Is there a way to transfer my contacts to my "local contacts" in my phone so that the transfer software can see them?

    2) is there an outside app that will allow me to do this?

    Thanks in advance....
    08-07-17 05:29 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Instead of getting all deep into this, have you just set up the email accounts on your KEYone and looked if the contacts moved? Any modern email system, should have off loaded your contacts to the cloud anyway and set them up when you set up your email on your device.

    Unless by Outlook you really mean old school Outlook desktop based email and even then, it would depend on the email service you were using wether or not the contacts got uploaded. Just set it up, see if your contacts appear.

    The idea of having to move your contacts manulally at this point is so old school you genuinely have to go out fo your way to prevent them from being uploaded to the cloud.
    08-07-17 06:27 PM
  3. ctruc's Avatar
    Yes email accounts are loaded and yes some sporadic contact info loaded as well. I noted that in the post. Unfortunately, I would prefer not to have to sort through 600+ contacts to determine which are valid and or missing info.

    As to "Outlook" I have no idea how you're differentiating old vs new, but yes it is an actual MS program loaded on both home and work PC's that we manage my business emails and contacts with. All backups are maintained on physical drives. Nothing is done on the cloud
    08-07-17 07:11 PM
  4. ctruc's Avatar
    Solved for the moment..... The best workaround I could find was to export my outlook contact list to google. then I imported the contacts in from gmail.
    08-07-17 10:49 PM

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