1. Adi Marwan's Avatar

    I have an IMAP email (work email) that I use in Outlook (PC). Set it up on the KEYone through the Hub. However, I can't seem to see that account in the Calendar. All it sees is my Gmail and BBM account.

    Tried adding it by going to calendar - add acount - Blackberry hub+ account, but failed, saying something "you already using this username for the account "aaa@bbb.com"

    I also tried going to calendar - add account - Blackberry CalDAV Account.. still failed. said "can't connect to server. Please check your settings and try again." So i went in and edit the settings manually, ensuring all details are correct. Still failed and said can't connect to server..

    Any idea or workaround on how to get my work email calendar to sync with KEYone?

    08-04-17 04:51 AM
  2. AlpineBV_Miller's Avatar
    I have the exact same problem. Anyone able to help?

    Alternately, how do I attach an email address to the calendar I imported from my old device via the Blackberry import tool???
    09-08-17 11:03 AM

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