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    Hi All

    Ive had my BB for over a year and never had this issue. Basically my phone stopped letting me enter numbers on the physical board, and numbes are part of my password so I restarted it. Big mistake.

    Now I cannot enter any keys much less numbers into my phone.
    As you normally would, I enter numbers by holding down ALT, alternatively by pressing SYM for the virtual pad and as I live in Hong Kong I also have 3rd party Google keyboards for Chinese so if I was on any of those I could switch languages by pressing Alt+Enter to quick switch back to BB keyboard or pressing the keyboard icon next to the password on top.

    Anyway - after restarting the phone and still couldn't enter numbers, I read on here about Safe Mode, but now after trying Safe Mode once, I cannot enter ANY characters. My phone simply shows 'To start Android enter your password' but nothing can be typed, with only the 5 BB keyboard shortcuts at the bottom but all except Clipboard can be used.

    I would appreciate any help as this is my primary device.

    Here is some background which may help:
    1) This is an import, the 1000-7 Key One Black edition (dual SIM 4gb) which I bought new.
    2) I dont recall the update revision, but it is the most recent update offered for this model. The last security patch was a couple of months ago
    3) Its possible I could be stuck on a 3rd party keyboard but usually Alt+Enter hot switches among them.
    4) Ive tried removing my SIM and restarted/rebooted several times normally, the result is the same
    5) I was recently at a body scan centre earlier in the day where magnetic fields were used but my phone operated fine during and since then.
    6) The back of my phone has started to dislodge; but its still firmly in place and I doubt if anything has been damaged because of it.
    7) I have the 10-Attempt Reset option disabled.

    I would genuinely appreciate any help! Thank you.
    07-18-19 02:42 AM
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    You may be forced to reload the OS and wipe the device.

    Use the Mobile Upgrade Tool on your PC:


    Put phone in fastboot, plug it in, and run the tool.
    07-18-19 09:50 AM
  3. AM001's Avatar
    Hi Conite, thank you for your reply.
    I have the device repaired and working, the short answer is the physical keyboard was water damaged and when the repair guy magnified the circuitry I saw where the damage was.
    Anyway thankfully he repaired it within 30 minutes and everything is working fine. Lucky escape from a device wipe this time but Ive learned my lesson.

    Nevertheless I thank you for your message. Ive downloaded the upgrade tool in the event I need it next time. So this tool upgrade to the latest Android for the device connected to it? Or is it more of a factory reset?

    For anyone in a similar situation where a physical keyboard malfunction may be suspected, my symptoms were as follows:
    - random stoppage of keys working and, (depending on keys, you may no longer be able to startup/enter your password. Eventual full stoppage of physical key functionality, backlight function still working.
    - other functions working as normal, including volume rockers, screenshot function, touchscreen etc.

    In light of such symptoms, best to take stock and backup what you have in the event you can no longer log in and dont have what you need backed up). Dont do what I did and reset only to find your number keys not working turns out to be a physical problem not a software one.

    After the repair, the fingerprint scanner and backlight do not seem to work as well, and the keys have lost some travel, but the repair was cheap, quick and most importantly, I got my data back. Im not keen on trusting a device after a failure, and whilst BB have said they are not following an annual-release cycle, more than a year has passed I suspect its only a matter of time before the next device is released so a more expensive repair is unwarranted at least for me as Id like to move away from a device once it has failed repair or no repair.
    07-18-19 11:28 PM

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