1. Hols2812's Avatar
    So clever me dropped my Keyone today, and pretty much obliterated the screen. However by some miracle everything works EXCEPT the three buttons to back, bring up homescreen or see what apps are open (the triangle, square and circle) I have set up three shortcuts on my convenience button to my most used apps, but is there anyway I can just flip back to my homescreen using the keyboard? Shortcuts only seem to work from the homescreen. TIA
    04-30-19 01:48 PM
  2. DanylW's Avatar
    Sorry to hear you dropped your KEYone. I did the same about a week ago at the airport and cracked my screen. Now my circle and square don't work but the triangle still does.

    To answer your question, you should just be able to swipe either left or right on your keyboard to get back to your home screen.

    BTW, I've switched to my backup KEYone as I couldn't deal with the cracked screen and loss of circle and square.
    04-30-19 08:08 PM

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