1. classact's Avatar
    I need a good phone call recorder that will record both sides well when I'm talking on a Bluetooth headset. Ideally, I also would really like:

    - the ability to set it to only record my side
    - the ability to manually control when it does and does not record a call
    - something that's actually reliable and stable and doesn't fail sometimes

    I've tried a number of call recorders. Ended up going to ACR Pro by NLL Apps but it's been failing me on my KEYone lately.

    I have everything up to date.

    Anyone know what will fit the bill these days?
    03-24-18 03:56 AM
  2. rolfep's Avatar
    Have you tried CallU? https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ot.callu&hl=en

    I used ACR Pro for a while and wound up using this one. My configuration needs are not that complex so I don't know exactly how it measures up with your wish list. However, the recordings, mostly over bluetooth in my truck, have been solid. I've got it set up to automatically record everything and send me an email with the recording attached, just in case I get an important call. Someday. I think there might be variations with different BT wrt performance but idk. I use an old PLT M55.
    03-24-18 09:05 PM

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