1. Craigalanmacleod's Avatar
    Can anyone compare the dtek 60 call reception to the KEYone in marginal areas? Also wondering how has the battery been holding up on the Dtek 60 for people?
    10-23-17 04:34 PM
  2. Tatl4's Avatar
    I have Dtek 60 and my dad has Keyone and id say over all Keyone>Dtek60, we are on the same network but when my reception goes he always has a couple bars & Keyone has better sound quality too! Uhh battery on the other hand the Dtek goes from 100% to 40/50% in 4-5 hours with really minimal use maybe 10 texts and an email or two max, screen on lowest brightness, no apps open, no bluetooth or location on either I carry around a power bank everywhere.. on the other hand dads keyone is for business and lasts him all day! But I have a bunch of calling and other issues with my dtek im looking to get a Keyone Black Edition since the motion is taking too long to come to Canada.. Hope that Helps!
    10-24-17 02:40 PM

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