1. jl24's Avatar
    Hey, I know this is random but does anyone else experience problems after using the speaker phone? When I go from speakerphone to regular ear speaking the people I talk to on the other end say it sounds terrible, I have to hang up and reset my phone for it to work properly. Anyone else have this problem? I've tried factory reset as well. I've already returned one because of a keyboard issue don't want to return another. Thanks in advance.
    08-01-17 12:31 PM
  2. SoxFan's Avatar
    My first two Keyone's: people say they can't hear me on speaker phone. big bummer since PRIV speaker phone microphone seems excellent. I am not even sure ppl knew I was siding a speakerphone.

    How could BBRY and TCL go backwards on such a key performance component?

    I have heard that Keyone has more advance anti-external sound software. maybe that's causing the problem? Can that be toggled down or off?
    08-02-17 12:26 AM

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