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    Hello all,

    On BB10 we were able to save appointments/calendar events quite easily through the BB Travel app. Then on my PRIV, I used TripIt to share items to my calendar. But I tried TripIt today on my new KeyOne and nothing happened. TripIt says it successfully shared the event to my calendar and I look there and nothing appears. So is there an app I can use to send emailed appointments/events to the calendar on the KeyOne?

    Thank you for your help!
    03-13-18 09:21 AM
  2. siglerm's Avatar
    Never mind - I needed to enact a setting on the TripIt app to allow it to share the trip details to my KeyOne calendar. Since it is a "brand new" app on this phone (but it was not new on my PRIV) , I needed to turn it on. I hope my experience will help others.
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    03-13-18 01:00 PM
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    I have found Playstore app installations sometimes don't afford me an opportunity to grant necessary permissions. App doesn't work until I dig around to find the permission settings and switch them on.

    Just now, I'm trying to use an Amazon shopping app and it's slow to load, gives me an OOPS! page after a long wait to view my orders. The same app used to work for me.

    Coincidentally, there's a PS update for this app, so I allow that to install, thinking it might trigger something. However, same problems, so I go to Settings, Apps, this app, Permissions, and no permissions are granted, so I grant all but Contacts, as past apps have spammed my poor Contacts!

    However, still OOPS!, clear cache, still OOPS!, idk. Maybe I'll do a magic reboot/allow Contacts permissions.

    Anyway, there are various possible explanations but your post caught my eye wrt this permissions deal. By now, I'm pretty sure this type of experience is sometimes, at least, a problem with the phone/OS and not my fault, so I'm relating!

    Edit: 32-second reboot seems to have got this one unstuck.
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    03-14-18 12:42 PM

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