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    Here's a brief description of what is happening when I receive a calendar invite ...

    Someone sends me a meeting invite to my email (not Gmail) but is my default email. At the bottom is ask "do you accept Yes or No" and I click yes.

    Then it asks to what calendar do you accept for and I click on my calendar (Google calendar)

    What happens next is what I can't figure out. It says do you want to add this event. When I click yes, it automatically sends out the same invite to everyone on the list via my Google account.

    So then I start getting replies from people as if I was the one sending it out. I'll look at my calendar and now have 2 events duplicated. If I delete the one, it'll send out an email (thru my Google account) that the event has been cancelled.

    This has caused some confusion with people as they get an invite, then a second one from me...and if deleted they get notified the event/meeting has been cancelled.


    Me too.
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    02-06-19 12:53 AM
  2. bbone99's Avatar
    weird thing, I don't have explanation, maybe understanding that it seems YOU add this event into Google calendar and it thinks that YOU are the organiser, maybe it's because it cannot find your Gmail address on the list on invited people.

    Don't you have a shareable calendar on your primary email account? If yes, you don't have to import every single invite into your Google calendar, just import whole calendar as online XML file, this is the way I am doing with my work calendar and I see it in my Google account.
    02-06-19 02:35 AM
  3. bbone99's Avatar
    Try to get invite with your "other" email address but also with your Google address and see if the same thing happen.
    02-06-19 02:36 AM
  4. bb10adopter111's Avatar
    When you add the event to a calendar tied to an account that is different from the one that received the invitation, you are creating a NEW, DUPLICATE event in that account. Just click yes without adding the event again, and see if that resolves the problem. It should appear on your calendar in the same account where it was received.

    Posted with my trusty Z10
    02-06-19 02:46 AM

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