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    While I have not purchased one or the company I own. I have used two of them in the field. These belonged to friends.

    1.) call quality: average around town, more in the "burbs" calls seemed a little off.
    2.) keyboard: one phone keys are crisp good tackle feel. On the other mushy.
    3.) screen: works as it should, no issues other than it can be a little dim in direct sunlight.
    4.) build quality, seems fine. The back was a little slick for my likening but this is more personal than anything else.
    5.) the Phone: what can I say, it's a phone. If your looking for a perfect phone look elsewhere. If you want a daily driver that should mature with age than this is for you.

    One note the Phone we had with the mushy keyboard was returned. The new one has a good keyboard. So if you think it's off, exchange it, well worth the hassle.
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    06-08-17 10:28 AM
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    06-08-17 10:30 AM

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