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    After attending a wedding yesterday as a guest and photographer (thats what i do) i, as usual get people saying "Oh you're a photographer take a photo of us with my phone" so i got to hold various different iPhones samsungs etc, what i noticed was that the earlier iPhones 4's and 5's felt solid in my hand as did the samsung s6 and 7 but the iPhone 6s seemed very flimsy and light and easy to drop, whereas the Keyone seems to be solid and good in the hand. I was also surprised at the difference in cameras on the phones indoors where the light wasn't great, and again the Keyone was good, in my opinion better than the iPhones and edged the galaxy s7 in overall performance. Obviously this wasn't a controlled test, but in some ways probably better as it was in the real world, all in all my Keyone definitely held its own and outperformed many.

    I know many would say I'm comparing a "new" phone with slightly older ones so it should be better, but people that saw it and held it where impressed with the build and picture quality and i think that in reality away from all the tech hardcore phone users which in all honesty are a minority, in my test the general public like it and stick an apple badge on it would have it, and do they really care about what processor or screen res its got as most don't know what that means and if they do in the real world does it make a big difference anyway?
    What most people want is a phone that they can Facebook, twitter, instagram on and take half decent photos that in all honesty never see the light of day in print anyway and has good battery life which the Keyone does as good if not better than anything else especially battery life.

    My conclusion is that the new Keyone if marketed correctly will stand up to anything else thats about at the moment. Its android so it has all the apps, camera is very good, yes the screen isn't quite as big as some of the slabs out there but as i showed someone yesterday when your "facebooking" there is no virtual keyboard taking up half the screen so usable space is as good, and if i gave it to any of my friends who are normal run of the mill people they'd be just as happy with it as they are with their "igalaxies".

    All it needs is some very good and well thought out advertising to make it "Cool" and it would sell by the bucket load.

    Mobile or Cell phones dependant on where you reside, are and have been for some time going down the laptop route of actually forgetting that the majority of people don't need all the "whistles and bells" that we are told we do and perhaps they ought to concentrate on making the things we do use, social media and taking photos nobody sees the best which I think the Keyone does.
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    06-03-17 10:30 AM
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    The camera is adequate imo. It does the job. Not going to win any awards but satisfactory. Below is an untouched photo I took with the Keyone
    Attached Thumbnails Build Quality and camera review (real world use )-1362.jpg  
    06-03-17 10:37 AM
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    What would you like to see in the photo handled differently? the light looks fairly flat and uninspiring and not meaning to be rude the actual subject isn't the best. What we have got used to is photographs being manipulated and overly saturated and actually looking nothing like what we would have seen had we been there.
    06-03-17 10:57 AM
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    Although im a fan of my k1. Having to be objective on this, during the evening or night the video camera on the k1 is choppy if you move it around quick enough amongst other things.

    Its probably the best camera the bb line has ever had though. No doubt.

    Going back, the iphone 5 series is probably nicest phone ive handled along with the bold 9780. Samsungs always felt plastic like.
    06-03-17 11:14 AM

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