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    I am noticing several super-annoying problems with the Blackberry Hub software on my KeyOne - I'm wondering if others are seeing this.

    The first one has been going on a while. When I scroll down to a message that is a couple of days old, open it up, read it, and then either delete it or simply hit the "back" arrow, instead of holding its place on that older message, the view reverts back to the top of the list of messages. This is, of course, annoying, because sometimes I just want to clean up some old messages, read them, then delete them - but after each action, I have to scroll down again.

    The second issue is more recent. I have a couple of email accounts set up, and my hub view is set to Blackberry Hub. When I go into a message, read it, and then hit the "back" arrow, it puts the hub view into viewing just one of my email accounts instead of the Hub view.

    What is weird about the second issue is that my Blackberry Hub app is dated December 20, 2018, but this is a more recent phenomenon.

    Does this happen to everyone, or just me?
    02-09-19 07:54 PM

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