1. Shane8750's Avatar
    One thing that got on my nerves was the pop-up when you plug in the charger. Gets in the way when you're trying to navigate and power 'glitches' on inverter.

    So I turned always start boost to on.
    No more pop-up.

    However it states boost mode might affect performance while enabled. So I set time out to 30 mins or 50% full, whichever occurs first. Wouldn't that mean boost mode is on for 30 minutes or up to 50% charge capacity then normal should be automatically used, because its always saying boost mode is on.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks Boost mode-10486.jpg

    Love K1 btw
    06-27-17 09:36 PM
  2. NightFire's Avatar
    I should probably consider that myself, since I almost always activate boost mode anyway.

    But yes, I am definitely loving this device. I haven't been so excited about a BlackBerry in years.

    And the battery life...A-MAZ-ING! I had almost 12 hours of SOT. Insane!
    06-30-17 05:34 AM
  3. jsn_c's Avatar
    so far I haven't get 0 > 50% in 36 mins as reported by using blackberry supplied charger and cable. ordered a UGREEN charger which certified by qualcomm to try it out see how's the outcome.
    06-30-17 06:37 AM

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