1. Stardenver's Avatar
    Hello all

    Sorry, if my english is too bad - not a native speaker.

    I got my first BlackBerry this week - the KEYone. I always wanted to have one because they looked very sexy to me and I love the keyboard. In the past, I always thought about them as pure business-devices. Made for managers, politicians, etc

    Now as I got one - and I am very happy with it - I am wondering if I may be missing some of its key features.

    Right now I am using it as my daily driver for almost everything. Its connected to a (hosted) Exchange server (mails, calendar, contacts and tasks). I am using Dropbox for all my files and Evernote to find everything very quick (documents, notes, etc).

    As I never owned a BB before, I know nothing about BB software. So my question is: am I missing something?

    I read about Blackberry Enterprise, Blackberry Server, etc. I have no idea what all this is or provides. So guys.. is there anything I should consider when using a BlackBerry? Any BlackBerry services? Anything that will unleash the real power of my KEYone? Will I be missing some important features, the way I use my BB?

    I hope you do understand what I mean, even my english is not that good^^

    Have a nice evening (8pm in germany)
    04-21-18 01:20 PM
  2. bbmme's Avatar
    I personally like outlook as my primary email for my BlackBerry, compared to Gmail. outlook push notification is still the best.
    04-21-18 01:27 PM
  3. thurask's Avatar
    BlackBerry Internet Service was only a thing up until OS 10, with the KEYone email handling is like pretty much any other Android phone assuming the apps and accounts are the same. As for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (which is now called UEM I think), you don't need to worry about it for personal use.
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    04-21-18 01:56 PM
  4. mikeath's Avatar
    outlook app is annoying me; no dark mode / theme. can I use hub only (add Microsoft exchange account to hub directly)?

    in terms of features you may be missing it's all on here, just takes a while to read through the forums.
    04-21-18 06:23 PM
  5. Stardenver's Avatar
    Thank you guys. So it looks like I am set up well. Guess I'll keep on using my k1 with Exchange, Dropbox and Evernote. I will also follow your recommendation, @mikeath and read through the forums.
    04-22-18 02:38 AM

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