1. Matt_V1's Avatar
    I received the genuine keyone screen protectors today from amazon uk, its a very small packet and contains 2 despite not saying this anywhere on the packaging. The packet has no cloth, wipes or removal / dust stickers.

    The films however a lot bigger than any other screen Protector I have tried in terms of height. They go right to the top and to the bottom. Width is identifical to where the LCD ends.

    It is by far the best screen Protector I have tried and I have tried a fair few.
    It is crystal clear no weird lines around any edges and it is really discreet.
    Really really impressed, unless you want a 3d tempered glass Protector (which I don't) then these are the ones to get. You can't even tell it is on.

    Totally recommended albeit it pricey at £13 for the pack of 2
    08-26-17 01:34 PM
  2. LeBruv's Avatar
    Thanks for the review bruv. Could you post a link if possible?

    And are the back or home keys still as responsive? And any idea how it does with fingerprints?
    08-26-17 02:38 PM
  3. Matt_V1's Avatar

    see link below, actually dropped in price a bit. minimal finger prints, you can barely tell it's there. all buttons fully responsive. you won't get better than this. I don't believe tempered glass is the way to go for the Keyone.

    08-26-17 03:27 PM
  4. LeBruv's Avatar
    Thanks for the info brother. I'm probably gonna get it.
    08-26-17 05:11 PM

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