10-27-19 10:23 AM
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  1. i_plod_an_dr_void's Avatar
    "No worse feeling than buying a new product and finding it fails way too early with normal usage, and with no real chance of warranty coverage - this generally happens with no-name small appliances that fail just outside of warranty. Been there often enough and its not fun to feel ripped off. On the other hand no one should expect warranty if they did something wreckless with the device"

    ...Just to add here, in no way was I implying this was my experience with BlackBerry. Quite the opposite in fact, when they were QC'ing their own devices, and when i bought NEW - I never experienced a single hardware issue, over all the years. I had a boot problem out of the box from one (TCL made) dtek white box (refurbished I guess) of several acquired from a major retailer...but it was fixed by BB. I was disappointed at the delay in getting a working device (one assumes the retailer's refurbisher was responsible for this mistake or maybe TCL? if new), but was very happy it was fixed without issue by BB, and haven't had a problem since....and of course it wasn't new out of the box...so I accepted the bother as part of the cost of getting a discounted phone. I don't know about the quality of the key series in general....they look good enough in the stores though.

    On the other hand I have seen with my own eyes the wreckless manner in which many people over time (usually younger I must confess) treat their phones (they really are sensitive electronic devices after all -prone to serious damage if mishandled), and then expect someone else to pay for their own negligence...it is almost fraud on the part of the purchaser. I say almost because i'm being nice. I am in no way saying that this is the case for you -especially since you bought used. It's just something I've seen with my own eyes...often enough. Usually these are the same people that treat everything else that they come in contact with wrecklessly. People really should be more along the lines of treating smartphones like Grandma treated her good "social media" crystal glassware in the cabinet, if they expect to use them for the full length of their useful life. Keep them far away from moisture, abrasives, heavy loads especially bending kinds and traumatic shocks.

    On the other hand the broken all glass android phones???? I won't go on about that here....
    10-26-19 03:55 PM
  2. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    oh I am trying that. I can vent right? but there is a bigger issue here maybe. Maybe it's quality, maybe it's a lack of clarity from a seller. I just am frustrated. this is my third keyone; from a screen lift to busted earpiece. now the fingerprint reader. there comes a point of frustration. I lucked out with my passport, that only now, (how many years later?) the screen is slightly lifting. do I jump to another brand? maybe. tired of waiting for some slightly better stuff. So consider this now..venting since I have, reached out to customer service channels the same day BlackBerry said no deal.
    Sure you can vent. I think everyone here just went past the venting part to do best to help you with actual solution.
    10-26-19 09:01 PM
  3. RLeeSimon's Avatar
    Amazon has exceptionally flexible customer support
    10-27-19 10:23 AM
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