07-22-17 01:39 PM
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    Bro, I have the same exact problem. And it is so bloody annoying! I don't like using 2 phones. But, may I ask, how did you configure your OP3T?

    I have a OP3T too, but I'm not using it at all.

    Now, I am thinking, why did I waste $600 to buy the KeyOne at all?
    I use a Keyone and a OnePlus 3t with BlackBerry services loaded. While I love the PKB, the nagging BT issue along some lag and crash issues I tend to use the Keyone during the week for work and flip over to my OP3T on weekends. I paid 285USD for my OP in Shenzhen back in March, it came with a load of accessories along with 2 chargers. Both are decent handsets.
    07-22-17 01:39 PM
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