1. Jerome Joyal's Avatar
    I just brought a good looking used blackberry keyone to see if I would prefer to stay whit my Passport or change..
    When I'm on phone, other on the line can hear me perfectly.

    As soon as I want to use speakerphone they can't hear me anymore ! (no the mute key is not the problem)

    Also, same applies when I'm taking a video. When I'm trying to play the back on, therse no sound at all except a HUDGE and LOUD static noise...

    Voice dictation whit Google and "ok Google" seems to understand what I say tho....

    What's the problem here and what gotta do to fix !!

    Thanks in advance

    Posted via CB10
    05-15-18 12:33 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Can you send it back?

    Proable whey the seller sold it

    You could try reloading the OS, just to make sure it's not a software issue. Next see if there are parts available for the KEYone.
    05-15-18 07:50 AM
  3. wentouch's Avatar
    The Keyone has 2 microphones.

    The top one is the noise cancelation mic. The second mic is located on the bottom behind the right screen port. The left screen port is the one speaker, the other being between the camera lens on the top cover.

    You're probably doing it wrong.
    05-15-18 05:21 PM
  4. Joe Dema's Avatar
    Hey! I'm having the very same issue. Plus even had a passport prior to the keyone. Did you have the issue resolved? If so, what did you do?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    06-20-18 12:25 PM
  5. Jake Wright2's Avatar
    I have the same thing where speaker phone for cell calls is 10/10 and BBM and any App like it speaker phone is 2/10 brand new key2 from Rogers. I need speaker phone on BBM and what's App and signal and right now it's too weak
    07-08-18 12:50 PM

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