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  1. sauerlandbatzi's Avatar
    Hallo, ich versuche seit gestern obiges Update zu installieren. Nach 20% startet das Keyone neu und es kommt eine Fehlermeldung ("this is embarassing"). Habe schon alle mgl. Tipps probiert (Google Play Service beenden, Cache leeren, Update des Play Service deinstallieren, ... ) kein Erfolg. Falls jemand das gleiche Problem hatte und es lösen konnte, freue ich mich über Tipps. Aktuell läuft mein Keyone mit Oreo (Android 8.1) und dem Sicherheitsupdate aus Juli 2018.
    Vielen Dank, Ralf
    09-30-18 07:55 AM
  2. sauerlandbatzi's Avatar
    Hello, I'm trying to install the above update since yesterday. After 20%, the keyone restarts and an error message appears ("this is embarassing"). Already I tried several tips (stop Google Play service, clear cache, uninstall Play Service update, ...) no success. If someone had the same problem and could solve it, I am glad about tips. My keyone is currently running Oreo (Android 8.1) and the security update from July 2018.

    Thank you, Ralf
    09-30-18 08:30 AM
  3. bbone99's Avatar
    maybe because it's Oreo upgrade and you are on Oreo already?
    09-30-18 03:05 PM
  4. wfm69685's Avatar
    Some had this Problem (this is embarrassing) after installing an autoloader and doing then an OTA update to oreo. Have you installed any autoloaders before?

    Anyway, i think your best bet to solve this problem is to reinstall the keyone firmware. Download the Mobile Upgrade Q application!uM1FCZKb!sgf-kGMor...W_I_vjCqRfzn5k

    And follow its steps. This way you will get the last official Android Firmware (Should be ABG366 in Germany if it is already rolled out for your variant). BUT beware, you will lose all data stored on the phone (BTW, if you go this route, do not restore a previous phone from the google account and start fresh. Just my recommendation).

    If you do not want to wipe all data, try downloading the latest autoloader ABG366 from the forums here and try installing it with the flash no wipe option. this way you will retain all data and update straight to the latest oreo firmware. But i don't know if this works in your case here.

    Autoloader ABG366:
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    09-30-18 04:20 PM

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