1. dvlad3006's Avatar
    I got a Keyone recently, but there are a couple of issues regarding the synchronization of the e-mails:

    - Gmail account crashed suddenly with the message: "syncing in progress, please wait for a while to complete", but this was never stopping. Solution: factory reset.
    - the Microsoft Exchange account stopped working without any message. Solution: reinstalling the account. Today is the third time with the same issue.
    - Facebook account: High-res pictures synced with Sync-Me app only.
    - Facebook calendar: Events, birthdays, synced with Calendar Sync for Facebook, app by Shadowfury.

    Did you, guys, have problems with the sync? Is this a Hub issue, Android/Blackberry issue?

    I've start missing the previous Z30. Everything above were fine before. Without doing nothing on it, I had everything

    Vlad (Bucharest, Romania)
    06-30-17 06:48 AM
  2. eugenelee223's Avatar
    Hmm, that's super weird. I've never had any issues with sync. Everything is on point. I would suggest reloading the OS (check out the forum for the autoloaders). I think Blackberry even recommends doing a reset that way so that everything is super clean. Don't quote me on that one though.
    06-30-17 07:16 AM

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