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    Hi folks,

    I must say I love having my BBB100-1 on AT&T's mobile network as my daily driver.

    That'd be said there are some serious issues with this device that need to be addressed ASAP.

    For BlackBerry:
    - dialer issue
    - keyboard shortcut to BBM contact

    Regarding Carriers:
    - I don't have any issues on AT&T

    -Verizon Wireless:

    -Several colleagues of mine on Verizon are returning they're CDMA KEYone to go back to their Classics indefinitely unless several quirky things are worked out between blackberry mobile and Verizon. I will highlight the biggest problems below:
    - To no avail a colleague of mine cannot activate advanced calling / HD voice on his BBB100-3 on Verizon. The dial code to access the advanced calling does not work after Verizon allegedly activated the feature on his account.
    - It is also unbearable to my colleague that VVM is not an option thru Verizon's network on the BBB100-3. I understand this is a carrier limitation because the phone does not specifically come provisioned to be on Verizon's network nor did Verizon have the model in their system (at least for a month or after May 31st drop).

    With that being said, again, Verizon and BlackBerry / BlackBerry Mobile need to work together. Some collaboration is required given the present problems. This is especially true when the respective companies point fingers at each other. Although in my somewhat biased pinion, the above problems are big red's fault. Lol just my two cents.

    Sticky if u want or feel free to make your own threads with such issues and more issues that need to be or you desire to be addressed by your carrier or the respective software company blackberry and/or respective manufacturer BB mobile.


    07-10-17 11:05 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    There are already threads sticky regarding these issues.
    07-11-17 12:04 AM

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