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    Greetings fellow BlackBerry lovers. I’m here today to offer some of my initial impressions on the new BlackBerry Mobile, KeyOne. For better or worse, the roll-out has been a bit sluggish, and understandably frustrating for many people. I was fortunate enough that I stayed up until midnight and the Best Buy down the street had three of them in stock. I know this video isn’t going to make up for the fact that you are still chomping at the bit to throw your hard-earned money at one, but hopefully it will help make the wait that much easier, and offer a little insight into this highly anticipated device.

    Disclaimer: I need to tell you up front (and this is mentioned in the video) – the film is not in widescreen; it’s in box format. This is because I chose to shoot the video with my BlackBerry 10 device, which is a BlackBerry Porsche P’9983. I am a die-hard, long-time lover and aficionado of all things BlackBerry, and I felt that it would be an excellent tribute to the new KeyOne, to film the video with an actual BlackBerry! So, now that I’ve explained everything into oblivion, enjoy the video, and let me know what you think! I’m going to work on shooting some more video (higher quality and with different equipment). I will be working diligently over the next week or two to produce more KeyOne content, to answer questions, give my thoughts and feels, and hopefully be able to response to community feedback on the device. Thanks for your time, subscribe to my channel if you feel so inclined, and feel free to leave comments!

    06-06-17 10:04 AM

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