1. bourbonkiller's Avatar
    I couldn't resist yesterday and did order a brand new KeyOne Bronze Edition from Austrian/German reseller OTTO Versand (online). They have a heavy discount on it, so it only cost EUR 323.00. Not bad for a Dual Sim Blackberry. (https://geizhals.at/blackberry-keyon...-a1752275.html)

    There are some questions, I can not find answers in the net, hopefully you can help me:

    • Will the Bronze Edition get Oreo update (already available?)
    • Is there Dual App support for Bronze Edition
    • Will bring Oreo Update VoWifi to the Keyone in Europe (Austria/Switzerland)

    Hope to get some answers from other Bronze Edition owners...

    09-25-18 08:55 AM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    Oreo: Some variants have it already, some don't. Consult this list in the BBB100-5 section and this list of OSes to check if a build is Oreo or Nougat.
    Dual apps: I don't know, it appears to be TBD for the KEY2, let alone older devices.
    VoWiFi: I'm not sure, it might be carrier dependent so it could be patched in later if not present at first (provided TCL knows to patch it in).
    09-25-18 11:22 AM

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