06-20-17 08:55 AM
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  1. chefcenko's Avatar
    Yes, sometimes we have to pay to have nice things. But, with the included 1TB of cloud storage, Office 365 personal is a bargain.

    Posted with my trusty Z10
    OneDrive seems very laggy on my windows 10 Dell XPS 13, seems to be processing changes most of the time and I feel it's not very well integrated with Excel, meaning that sometimes when I try to save a file I have to relogin.
    06-19-17 02:53 PM
  2. BezlNL's Avatar
    Office 365 did work perfectly on K1...

    But a recent update of the word, excel and powerpoint app has changed everything. When i open one of the office apps it closes itself. On de microsoft help-page i see more K1 and other android users have the same issue. Also in the comments of the Google Play Store.

    Anyone else has the same problem?
    06-20-17 08:55 AM
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