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    I've made this comparison to demonstrate to someone else in a thread that I'm sick and tired of people comparing devices solely based on their price and processor.

    We keep hearing people complain that the KEYone is overpriced because it is way more expensive than other Android phones with a Snapdragon 625 processor. The problem is a phone's price is based on the sum of all of its specifications and not just its processor.

    BlackBerry Keyone vs. Motorola Moto G5 Plus - GSMArena.com

    KEYone is $550. G5 Plus is $230.
    They both have a Snapdragon 625.

    G5 plus has LTE Speeds of 300MBps. KEYone has LTE Speeds of 450MBps. (50% faster LTE)
    G5 plus has Gorilla Glass 3. KEYone has Gorilla Glass 4.
    G5 plus has Android 7.0. KEYone has Android 7.1
    G5 plus has 2 GB Ram. KEYone has 3 GB Ram.
    KEYone has better front and back camera sensors with front selfie flash.
    G5 plus does not have NFC. KEYone does.
    G5 plus does not have Enhanced Data Rates for Bluetooth. KEYone does.
    G5 battery is 3000 mah. KEYone battery is 3505 mah.
    Plus KEYone has DTEK hardware and software security and BlackBerry Suite of Apps.
    Oh, not to mention...the keyboard!

    You're comparing apples to oranges. All those extra specifications in the KEYone is where your extra $320 is going. It's worth the better cameras, keyboard, bigger battery, tougher screen, NFC, keyboard, extra 1 GB of RAM, and 50% faster LTE speeds.
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    02-26-17 01:42 PM
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    OK, now do one comparing it to the Z Play, which was much more commonly compared.
    02-26-17 02:03 PM
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    OK, now do one comparing it to the Z Play, which was much more commonly compared.
    FM radio, better cameras, BlackBerry Android / app suite, and the pkb.

    $399 versus $549.

    Comparing is a silly game anyway. For example, how do you measure a pkb against a SoC upgrade? How do you compare a camera to a speaker?
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    02-26-17 02:10 PM
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    ZTE blade v8 pro has cm radio with nfc but slower LTE but 150 max is good enough. Keyone is better overall and I would get one when they're available. I love keyone except their price lol
    02-26-17 02:19 PM
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    We should make thread to compare all other snapdragon 625 phones so we can get more detail comparison. Let's convince them that keyone is worth the premium price tag!
    02-26-17 02:23 PM
  6. ChainPunch's Avatar
    I don't think the keyone has a premium price tag, but it price according to the total sum of its components and everything else that went it to producing it.
    02-26-17 02:35 PM
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    I find all the comparisons needless. Either you feel that you would be willing to part with $550 for the Mercury or not. That is all. And yes, I know it's the KEYone. I prefer to refer to it as the Mercury still.

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    02-26-17 02:49 PM

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