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    dear crackberrians... i have been critical about the launch etc but this thread isn't about bashing bb/tcl/cistulli/cistulli's dog... i am wondering, for the ones that will get the device even after all this (for any reason) what are your thoughts regarding the buying options, which one would be better/safer... i see the following options:

    1.- buying at amazon
    2.- buying at best buy using the store 0% APR financing (12 months) or paying outright
    3.- buying at best buy using paypal
    4.- either option using a credit card with in-built return guarantee/extended warranty/purchase protection

    which option is the best in two scenarios: returning and claiming warranty...

    i have bought many times in amazon, and the return policy is pretty clear and neat (30 days)... however, i have never returned a phone... also, i haven't ever needed to claim a warranty service for a phone either with them (amazon)... how do they handle that?... regarding best buy, i have never bought a phone there and obviously have never filed a warranty claim... best buy return policy for a phone is just 14 days, but using a credit card with a return guarantee benefit you could extend that to 90 days (pretty nice benefit but i have never used it)...

    in particular i am interested in US, where i live but feel welcome to chime in if you are from other countries and want to share your experience... i like having my options open in case i decide to try the phone one day...

    thanks in advance!
    06-02-17 10:48 AM

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