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    Let me preface this by saying that last year I got myself a little 8" ASUS ZenPad Android tablet, as "training wheels" for learning Android -- specifically to lesson the trauma of eventually moving from BB10 / Passport to BerryDroid / KeyOne.

    The plan worked out perfectly. I've had my KeyOne for two weeks now, and the only hurdles have been setup / configuration / finding or learning apps, and the like. With zero hurdles regarding "not understanding how Android works".

    BUT -- most of the Blackberry apps show up in the play store as "not available for this device" when I look at them via the tablet. So while the transition has been fairly smooth, it COULD have been even smoother.

    I would have TOTALLY been willing to pay a "premium price" ($35 to $40) to purchase a "Blackberry Productivity Suite for Android" that would have let me turn my tablet into a fully-functional BerryDroid TrainingWheels Device. (The launcher, the virtual keyboard, ALL the non-enterprise apps, etc.)

    In an ideal dream world, it would go like this: a leisurely amount of time (measured in months) spent fully configuring and customizing a little 8" Android tablet as a surrogate BerryDroid -- and then finally making the switch from BB10... and THEN being able to run a special alternate version of Device Transfer that would copy over all the apps and their configurations. Then you'd run the standard device transfer to transfer your email accounts, calendars, data, files, etc from your BB10 phone. Easy Peasy transition, and the BB10 user has had that leisurly amount of time to get comfortable with the entire environment and tool set, while still having the safety and security of the daily use of their BB10 phone.

    Where all of this is going: I know I'm not the only one stuck doing cellphone tech support for elderly parents. My rule is "if you want support, you have to use the same platform as me".

    So they started on BB OS7 with Torches (?)(the slider ones), and are now on BB10 with Z10s. And next it's time to prep them for BerryDroid. (Their very own 8" ASUS ZenPad has been acquired courtesy of Amazon Prime Day.)

    But it sure would be nice if I could give them a full training wheels experience and be able to say "this is nearly exactly what you'll be dealing with when you get your KeyOnes within the next year or two".

    However this concept isn't just of benefit to the "elderly parent" situation. It could very seriously assist with "adoption rates" for moving people off of BB OS7 and eventually also off of BB10.

    So maybe Someone In Charge over at BB should consider such a thing, and maybe partner with a tablet maker to implement such a BerryDroidSurrogate Training Wheels device, to help BB loyalists learn what this whole BerryDroid universe is all about, and be provided with the security of having minimal productivity downtime once the inevitable has to happen and they need to finally leave BB10. :-)

    I have to say it sure has been a nice two weeks of getting regular app updates, and not being stuck using apps on my BB Passport that are 12 to 18 months out of date from the Amazon app store, and/or not even available because BB10 has an old Andriod runtime!

    (And doubly-nice that all my cussing-and-swearing-about-Andriod was done months ago, on the tablet, so that my now I've had the time to "get over it" well in advance of making the switch to my KeyOne. :-) )
    07-13-17 08:48 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    You would have had a slightly easier time if you had of bought a phone instead of a tablet. The BlackBerry Android apps weren't designed for tablets.
    07-13-17 10:48 PM
  3. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    BB didn't bother to test their apps on tablets or optimize for them even though they could have (the development environment makes it relatively easy). And some apps, like the BB Keyboard, uses licensed technology from SwiftKey and can't be offered on non-BB-branded devices.
    07-13-17 10:59 PM
  4. Originalloverman's Avatar
    You would have had a slightly easier time if you had of bought a phone instead of a tablet. The BlackBerry Android apps weren't designed for tablets.
    This is true as I myself tried this with my Samsung tab but but the apps where available for my phone.
    07-13-17 10:59 PM
  5. neefer's Avatar
    You would have had a slightly easier time if you had of bought a phone instead of a tablet. The BlackBerry Android apps weren't designed for tablets.
    Indeed. But my eyes are too old to watch Netflix on a tiny little phone screen, instead of on a tablet screen -- so the tablet was the better cross-functional choice. ;-)

    Even so, my brother has a regular (non-BB) android, and he supposedly can't see all the same BB apps in the PlayStore that I can see on my KeyOne.
    07-14-17 01:32 PM

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