1. Thalakar's Avatar
    Is there anyway to change the sounds or the theme to dark?

    I swear in my PRIV I could change at least the BBM to a dark theme.

    06-16-17 06:04 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    I can't speak to Uber, but yes -- you can change the BBM notification tone. Open BBM, and go to the "Me" tab at far right (the head & shoulders). Below, tap on Notifications, Notifications on the next page, then Tone. FYI, you can also change the LED colour on that page. *Some have reported issues with a custom tone not being maintained after a reboot when the tone is on the mSD card. Storing a copy on internal storage seems to work fine though.

    Last, a dark theme hasn't been available in BBM for Android as yet.

    06-16-17 10:14 AM

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