1. Edietel's Avatar
    Hi everyone. The "show battery status on screen edge" is my favorite feature of the Keyone. I'm not sure why I like it to much, but I think it's really cool (and useful).

    Here is my issue: I always leave it On in the settings, but it seems to turn itself off frequently. I am constantly plugging in, noticing it doesn't come on, unlocking the phone, going into the settings, and activating this feature. It is annoying.

    The best I can tell, it seems to turn off when I enable boost mode (and occasionally at other times). Less frequently, I find the setting is On but it is not showing up. All told, I estimate that the battery status shows up on the screen edge about 50% of the time I want it to.

    Is anyone having this issue, and does anyone know what to do? I would like this feature to never turn off and to always engage (whether I charge boost or normal). Thanks everyone!

    [I am using a BB100-3 on build AAL093]
    08-08-17 08:07 AM
  2. the_boon's Avatar
    I now leave it on "on when screen is on" mode, as the K1 uses LCD so I avoid having all the pixels on all the time while charging.

    If this screen was AMOLED though, this feature would be AWESOME to have both when and when not charging, as the only pixels that would be using battery would be those that actually light up the charging bar.. Kinda like an always on display thing, which is NOT good to have on LCD obviously
    08-08-17 09:06 AM
  3. Adi Marwan's Avatar
    If im not mistaken, it only works in bright light..if you are in a dimly lit room, it won't show..
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    08-08-17 10:14 AM
  4. jcrutchvt2010's Avatar
    If im not mistaken, it only works in bright light..if you are in a dimly lit room, it won't show..
    That's correct it's based on ambient light sensor.
    08-08-17 01:51 PM

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