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  1. mtnbike3's Avatar
    I received an early KeyOne back in May of 2017 and have been a heavy user (no games, just voice and endless messaging/email for work) and battery life has been super until about a month ago when it fell off a cliff. I am now lucky to get 90 minutes of screen on time and sometimes the battery behaves strangely. Battery % will drop rapidly until shutdown and then when rebooted, it occasionally pops up to 70% and lasts a 'reasonable' amount of time.

    Typical usage before shutdown is maybe 90 minutes screen on time and 60 minutes voice calls. The battery usage shows no apps draining, everything looks totally normal, the battery just simply doesn't last. My top few items are OS idle (8 hours maybe), voice and screen as mentioned and then a handful of background apps using next to nothing.

    Long story short, I think the battery is pooched but is there any sense in resetting the phone or is this just a waste of time? Or just replace the battery? And anyone have any experience to share with any particular battery? I've looked for reviews, but there's not much out there for this phone....short of just ordering a random battery from Amazon or eBay from 'reputable' sellers like jack_battery and good-battery; anyone have any recommendations?

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    02-10-19 11:16 PM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    This youtube gives a step by step guide and suggests getting the battery from Amazon:
    02-11-19 10:55 AM
  3. mtnbike3's Avatar
    Thanks coffee-turtle. I had watched that one (he got the battery off of eBay). It doesn't look like there are any OEM batteries available anywhere, so I ended up ordering a battery off of Amazon; we'll see how it goes.
    02-11-19 12:23 PM
  4. TheRealRoland_again's Avatar
    So, it is possible to get the back plate off? Mine came partly off after I tacked on a plate, and used a cd phone magnet thinner, and it basically lifted the back off in the center...

    Most of it snapped back into place, but right where the convenience key sits, it didn't, and now my convenience key is stuck :-)

    Anyways, will watch the video to see how they do it!
    02-11-19 06:42 PM
  5. mtnbike3's Avatar
    There's a little plastic cover glued down to the top of phone (where the headphone jack is) that you have to peel off and then there are a couple of screws that release a larger metal bracket across the top back of the phone that holds the back cover in place. Then the back cover carefully comes/snaps off with only minimal breakage of tabs if you're lucky.

    The video above shows the metal bracket still attached so I suspect that's why he said he had to order a new back cover, as I am pretty sure you can't get the back cover off without breaking it if that metal bracket is still screwed on!

    The top plastic cover doesn't sit correctly now and my back cover mostly snaps back on, but with the case on, neither much matters to me nor affects the function of the phone.

    My new battery arrives on Wednesday, I hope it makes a difference, but if not there's a bright side. The Key2 is readily available....
    02-11-19 09:35 PM
  6. stevec66's Avatar
    please update how the battery swap goes may need to switch mine at some point tks
    02-12-19 04:47 PM
  7. mtnbike3's Avatar
    Will do, I sure hope it improves the battery life.
    02-12-19 09:23 PM
  8. IceCreamPlz's Avatar
    I know power center doesn't there's a lot of app usage, but I'll ask anyway: any new apps installed?
    02-13-19 10:10 AM
  9. mtnbike3's Avatar
    No, no new apps recently; I think the battery is just giving up the ghost. It makes me insane that they design these phones to be disposable so quickly all for a battery that should be replaceable but that they make difficult to get at. The specs all say that new Li-Ion batteries have roughly 4-500 charge cycles in them before the capacity drops to 60%. I've had my phone for almost 2 years and charge/drain it every day so it's not really a surprise that the battery isn't performing.
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  10. mtnbike3's Avatar
    Just got the new battery installed. Getting the old one out was not easy as it is glued in really well. And of course everything around it is crazy delicate so you have nowhere to pry or pull on other than sensitive electronics. Getting the phone apart is impossible to do without breaking tabs and ruining adhesive but I have a case on mine so I don't much care....function over form. Is it really too much to ask to have a user-serviceable battery? Charging now, we'll see how it goes...
    02-13-19 05:16 PM
  11. mtnbike3's Avatar
    The verdict is in....it's like a new phone and the best $21 I could have spent. I am at 22 hrs of idle time, 3hrs of screen time, an hr of voice and just under 50% remaining.
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    02-14-19 03:19 PM
  12. stevec66's Avatar
    The verdict is in....it's like a new phone and the best $21 I could have spent. I am at 22 hrs of idle time, 3hrs of screen time, an hr of voice and just under 50% remaining.
    Hi my battery is starting to give up the ghost phone purchased May 2017. Read your thread and success you had with changing the battery out I might give it a shot. Who did you buy your battery from on Amazon tks
    03-29-19 09:39 AM
  13. mtnbike3's Avatar
    @stevec66 The battery I purchased is here:


    So far it's been almost 2 months and it's been a huge, huge improvement. Watch many of the available videos for getting the phone apart and be prepared for it to not go back together quite like OEM but I have a case on mine and don't much care that the back cover is loose and the top flap kind of flaps. Getting the battery out is tricky as the adhesive is strong and there's no easy place to pry....a little heat and gentle working around the edges and it will come out though. Once in though, the battery works great and will definitely extend the life of your phone greatly. Good luck...Dean
    03-29-19 10:33 AM
  14. stevec66's Avatar
    Tks Dean.
    03-29-19 10:46 AM
  15. thicc-trex's Avatar
    Thanks for this. I just completed a battery replacement. I can already see the KeyOne holding a better charge. The video in this thread was helpful, but I think there are some key things to remember:

    1. After taking the back cover off, you also need to unscrew the bottom plate beneath it. The video creator forgot to show it, but he does note it. Very important so that you can better pry the battery off.

    2. Try not to bend the prongs or circuitry stuff. I had to reopen my phone a 2nd time when noticed that my speaker didn't fire.

    3. Putting the back cover on again is tricky, but this video also helped:

    4. The back cover won't be as snug as before. It's a little more easier to pull off via a suction. But with a case, it's not a problem.

    Hope this helps others. Best $20 bucks spent I'm likely to hold onto my KeyOne for another year.
    07-13-19 07:32 AM
  16. anon(4297019)'s Avatar
    Just remember those early Keyones May, June 2017 had an insane amount of glue applied to the battery. A hard plastic 1 1/2 inch spatula or scraper is the tool you need.
    07-13-19 07:27 PM

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