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    So today I noticed my keyone was using up 100% cpu usage for 5-10 min at random intervals. Let's say every 30 min or so. It was driving me nuts. When looking at the usage history in a system app I use all it said was android system. That's what threw me off.
    Well here is what happened.
    I have this really bad habit of making home screen short cuts for webpage I need to get back to instead of using bookmarks. When making a home screen short cut it makes the webpage into a persistent app if the webpage is coded for this.
    Well I found something I was looking for lastnight and made a homescreen shortcut as I always do like a moron. Well the site had a bunch of ads and scripts on it and while using brave as my browser actually made matters worse with the constant blocking and since this site is setup to be a persistent app it was slamming my cpu usage thru the roof.
    Took me all day to realize what was going on so if anyone ever runs into crazy cpu usage for no reason delete the homescreen we links if you made any. Now my keyone is snappy and fast again.
    Man I feel like a moron.
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    12-20-17 11:54 PM
  2. Adamsinger77's Avatar
    funny thing to note is my friend a few months ago wanted Facebook on his phone and I suggested doing the homescreen link instead of the app and he said after he did that it was using more cpu and bandwidth then the app. I should of learned then. man I feel like a moron.
    12-20-17 11:58 PM
  3. gizmo21's Avatar
    Which browser do you use to add homescreen shortcuts, wonder if Firefox has the same cpu-hogging method or just adding an icon as one would expect.

    How can I see I have same shortcuts that run persistently?
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    12-21-17 12:04 AM

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